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Welcome to Richard Koechli


Thank you for your interest in my songs, CDs, books and concerts - I hope you find what you are looking for. 

My very latest multipack - a book about music and transcendence (in a German and an English edition) and at the same time the psychedelic gospel blues album "Transcendental Blues". In addition, an eight-minute video clip produced by "Relaxing Blues Music (USA) and the single "Love endures everything" (radio edit). The album made it (in June 2023) to the top-40 of the British IBBA Blues chart.

The Real Chill, Remembering J.J. Cale (album and book, translated in English!) has been published 2020 in a deluxe edition with numerous goodies, and it reached the top 10 of the Blues charts in England/UK and in France!

The video for the album song "Sensitive Kind" (produced by "Relaxing Blues Music", USA) has been viewed more than 5 million times worldwide so far!

Discover Richard Koechli as a singer-songwriter & guitarist by listening to the new digital best-of album Collection, Best-of 30 Years (the most successful tracks of his career). 

Richard Koechli's album «Holy Blues» (incl. book, translated in English!) is a hymn of praise to the long and deep tradition of gospel music. For the songs "Feel Like Going Home", "Schacher Sepp" (worldwide charity campaign for Homeless) and "The Old Man And Me - Holy Blues" three wonderful videos were produced by "Relaxing Blues Music" (USA)! The album made it to the official Swiss Hit Parade (#9 CH-Artist Album Charts), to #2 in the Swiss CD Charts (, to the Top-10 of the Blues Charts in France (#6) - and was nominated for the 13th CNM Award 2022 (Swiss Award for Christian Public Relations).

Latest news: Koechli's world's first biography about the pioneer of Chicago Blues has now been published in an English translation: Tampa Red - The Forgotten King Of Blues.

The recordings from Koechli's livestream session have now been remastered and released on the brand new live album "The Trinity Livestream Session" (2022).