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Press Review «Holy Blues»

«It’s a journey through the history of American culture and explores the ways music has been influenced by faith, featuring interpretations of timeless holy blues songs. This is music to sit back, close your eyes and absorb. Enjoy.» (AMERICANA UK, Online Magazine, --> read the review)

«Holy Blues» made it to the official Swiss Hit Parade (#9 CH-Artist Album Charts), to #2 in the Swiss CD Charts ( as well as to the Top-10 of the Blues Charts in France (#6) ...

The album song «Feel Like Going Home» won in California USA the AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARD (December 2021) in the category «Best Gospel Song» and «Best Gospel Video»

«The album gets under your skin, also because everything is just really incredibly well produced and mixed.» (AKUSTIK GITARRE, Europe's leading trade magazine for acoustic guitar)

«This is a huge subject to write about and Swiss musician/writer Richard Koechli has done a superb job. Whether you're a Christian or not, it will open your eyes to just how much Holy Blues has touched our lives through music.» (BLUES IN BRITAIN Magazine) --> read the whole review

«Koechlis neuestes Buch liest sich wie eine kraftvolle Predigt über die Entstehung, die Hintergründe, die Einflüsse und die Entwicklung der populären Musik.» (JAZZ'N'MORE Magazin, Schweiz)

«An Koechlis Soundtrack zum Thema ist absolut packend, wie er 13 Genre-Klassiker, Traditionals und eigene Musik interpretiert.» (GITARRE & BASS Magazin, Deutschland --> online lesen)

Ausführliches Interview (drei Seiten!) in Europas führender Fachzeitschrift AKUSTIK GITARRE (--> downloaden)

«Holy Blues» was played by several American, British & French blues-radios (Al Lundy on KZUM, Ken Hanes on Radio Artifac, Mary Elwell on WFIT Radio, Tim Board on Front Range Radio, Jimmy Carlyle on BBC Radio Shetland, Cliff McKnight on KKFI Kansas City, Ian McHugh on Blues is the Truth, Blues With A Feelin’ on KHOL Jackson Community Radio, Marc Loison on Sweet Home Chicago, All Blues on Radio Zones a.m.m.)

The title track «Holy Blues» was used (together with other guitar music by Richard Koechli) for the soundtrack of the documentary film 'Rückkehr nach Alaska' by Beat Bieri on Swiss television SRF1

Ausführlicher Bericht über «Holy Blues» auf Radio Life Channel

«Holy Blues» gewinnt den PrixPlus 2022 (Schweizer Kunst & Kulturpreis) / "Holy Blues" wins the PrixPlus 2022 (Swiss art and culture award) / «Holy Blues» remporte le PrixPlus 2022 (prix suisse de l'art et de la culture)




Ausführlicher Bericht am 24. Dez. 2021 in sämtlichen Tageszeitungen der CH Media (--> online lesen)




Review in the Belgian music magazine ROOTSTIME.BE (--> read online)


Ausführlicher Bericht in der Regionalzeitung WILLISAUER BOTE (--> downloaden & lesen)

Ausführlicher Bericht im Online-Magazin KATH.CH (katholisches Medienportal) --> online lesen